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Sat 21 May 2022
Original: 9am to 6.30pm
Junior: 1pm to 6.30pm

The Exeter Monopoly Run is open to all sections of Scouting & Guiding. The Junior Run is open to Brownies & Cubs. The aim of the live monopoly run is to travel around Exeter and visit the locations found on the Exeter Monopoly Board.

Teams will set off from County Hall at 9am or County Hall at 1pm and the run will finish at 5pm with results & presentations and barbecue at County Hall at 6pm.

Original Run: £8 per team member (which will cover badge, travel ticket & food).
Junior Run: £5 per team member (which will cover badge & food).
Please note that adults count as team members on both runs.

During the run, on reaching each location, each team will need to ring in to base. They will be asked a question which they should be able to answer if they are standing in the correct location. If they are the first team to arrive, they will have the option of buying the property. If it has already been bought then they must pay rent.

Bonuses will be awarded or deducted with Chance and Community Chest cards.

The winner is the team that has the most money at 5pm.

How The Run Works

  • Teams will be up to 6 people, will require at least 1 adult and will need 2 mobile phones.
  • Teams will require an A-Z of Exeter. For the original run, bus maps will be provided but you may want to ensure you have access to Bus Timetables or the Stagecoach Bus App.
  • They will make their own choices on which locations to visit either on foot or using public transport.
  • Teams will be split into boards with approx. 5 teams to each board.
  • When a team reaches a location they must find the exact location shown in the photograph and then ring in to HQ.
  • HQ will ask a question to confirm their location.
  • With chance and community chest location, teams will be given a random card which will award or deduct money.
  • Teams will be encouraged to visit as many spaces as possible as they will be fined £200 for every space they do not visit.
  • Being a live Monopoly Run, information on each teams progress will be made available throughout the day via social media with the final tally being revealed at the presentation of the Trophies at County Hall at the end of the run.


Whilst we have tried to keep to the locations that appear on the Monopoly Board, we have chosen not to use Exeter Racecourse, Exeter Airport & Crealy as they are a considerable distance outside of the city and will take a significant amount of time to get to. These locations have been substituted for tbc, tbc & another mystery location.

There are a few other bonus locations that will be announced on the day.

Junior Run: A selection of 26 locations will be used within walking distance of the city centre.

How to Apply

Applications are open.

Deadline is 30th April 2022
Consent Forms

To keep up to date when applications open please follow us on

If you have any questions then please get in touch scouts@exemonrun.org.uk

Help Needed at Little Silver

We are also looking for help at County Hall at the start/finish and at Little Silver to help on the phone lines during the day.

If you are able to help then please fill out the online form.

Many thanks.