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Dear Parents

As you may be aware the new European Data Protection Policy comes in to force on 25th May 2018 and this will affect all Businesses, Groups, Clubs and Charities across Europe, Scouting included.  The new GDPR Policy is aimed at protecting you and your Data and any organisation that has your personal details needs to disclose what they hold and how they contact you.

In simple terms the GDPR policy means that we need to explain to you:

  • What we hold on you.
  • How or where we hold it.
  • What we Use it for.
  • How long we keep it for.

What we hold on You

In order to meets our Safeguarding needs and ensure that we are able to easily contact you we hold several items of information which we use to contact you in case of emergencies and also let you know what going on.  In order to do this we hold your personal details including: Email address, Postal Address, Home Phone number, Date of birth and also details of your GP, Medical details, Dietary Requirements and Allergies.

How or where we hold it.

All of our data is held securely in an encrypted online (Cloud based) database called Online Scout Manager.  All 6th Exeter Leaders may have access to this information but this information in not passed to or shared with anybody outside of our group or in the wider Scout Community.  Once a year we have an annual census however the information passed on as part of the census is anonymous.  Leaders only have access to your information while they are Leaders and access to the database is removed as soon as a Leader steps down.  This is administrated by James who for the purposes of this document acts as the GDPR Administrator for 6th Exeter Scout Group.  We have attached a copy of the GDPR document which we have written alongside Online Scout Manager regarding the compliance of the Database itself and the way we store and encrypt your information.

What we use it for.

Your data is used solely for Scouting purposes.  We will contact you using the details you have provided us with to give you details of meetings and events that we have coming up, ask you for payments and contact you in case of Emergency.  We hold some rudimentary Medical details including your GPs’ Data in case of Emergency or Hospitalisation.  We will continue to disclose the details that we hold with you through the Online Scout Manager portal and ask you to update your details at the start of each term in order to ensure that the details are up to date.  We hold nothing more than what is shown in the system and no Leader holds anything outside of the Database.  By virtue of the fact that we ask you to provide the details to us we assume that by providing us with this information you consent to us contacting you via this medium.

How long we keep it for.

We hold the information that you provide us with for the length of time that your child is in Scouting with us.  If they choose to leave then their information is archived.  The process of archiving this information removes your child’s name but leaves Initials we then remove all personal information.  This process is irreversible. If your child choses to move on to the next section we pass your child’s (and your) data on to the section.  At this point the data ceases to exist on the previous Database.  On request you can ask us to remove your data and your child’s data from the system and we will comply however as this contravenes our Safeguarding Policies we cannot continue to look after your child effectively without this data and so will expect you to remove your child from the group.

If you have any questions regarding our Policy then please contact the group on the following email address and we will respond accordingly.

6th Exeter Scout Group.


Online Scout Manager GDPR and Security Policy