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Badges Available

Badges in Scouts are split into 4 sections. These are Core Badges; Challenge Badges, Activity and Staged Activity Badges and the Chief Scout Gold Award

Core Badges

Click Here for Membership and Joining In Activity Badges. These will be given to Scouts for being invested, being in Scouts for a specific time, and for moving on to the next section, Explorers.

The Membership and Joining In Badges are:
● Membership Awards
● Joining In Badges
● Moving On Award

Challenge Award Badges

Click Here for Challenge Award Badges. There are 9 Challenge Award badges in Scouts. These are optional but are awarded for an individuals effort in a particular area over a period of time. These count towards the Chief Scout’s Gold Award.

The Challenge Award Badges are:
● Adventure
● Creative
● Expedition
● Outdoor
● Personal
● Skills
● Team Leader
● Teamwork
● World

Chief Scout Gold Award

Click Here for information on the Chief Scout Gold Award. The Chief Scout Gold Award is the highest badge in the Scout section and is the most difficult to do and has the most to do.

Activity Badges

Click Here for Activity Badges. Activity badges are awarded when activities are completed and normally take place over time.

The Activity Badges are:
● Activity PLUS badges
● Activity Centre Service
● Air Researcher
● Air Spotter
● Air or Sea Navigation
● Angler
● Artist
● Astronautics
● Astronomer
● Athletics
● Athletics Plus
● Camper
● Caver
● Chef
● Circus Skills
● Climber
● Communicator
● Craft
● Cyclist
● Dragon Boating
● Electronics
● Entertainer
● Environmental Conservation
● Equestrian
● Fire Safety
● Forester
● Fundraising
● Geocaching
● Global Issues
● Hill Walker
● Hobbies
● International
● Librarian
● Lifesaver
● Local Knowledge
● Martial Arts
● Master at Arms
● Mechanic
● Media Relations & Marketing
● Meteorologist
● Model Maker
● My Faith
● Naturalist
● Orienteer
● Parascending
● Photographer
● Physical Recreation
● Pioneer
● Power Coxswain
● Pulling
● Quartermaster
● Smallholder
● Snowsports
● Sports Enthusiast
● Street Sports
● Survival Skills
● Water Activities
● World Faiths
● Writer

Staged Activity Badges

Click Here for Staged Activity Badges. Staged activity badges have different badges for different stages.

The Staged Activity Badges are:
● Air Activities
● Community Impact
● Digital Citizen
● Digital Maker
● Emergency Aid
● Hikes Away
● Musician
● Nautical Skills
● Navigator
● Nights Away
● Paddle Sports
● Sailing
● Swimmer
● Time on the Water

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